Festive Foods Collage Collection

Collagemaker Kelly Schaub dedicates this collection to artists everywhere and the very special collectors, supporters, buyers, cheerleaders, and art lovers that make it all worthwhile.

These festive food themed collages are all postcard-sized and were sent through the mail in response to a Call for Mail Art. The cards will enjoy their own pop-up exhibition, scheduled to take place in an old phone booth! The works are then being donated to a local senior center, in advance of the holidays – hopefully to bring some cheer, in yet another year that has been challenging for many throughout the world.

I believe you will find some great collage art within these pages. Several collage artists from across the globe are represented here – get to know them, follow them on Instagram, check out their website.

When I’m not hosting calls, editing videos, and creating my own collage artwork, I also teach. I love teaching collage because it is so accessible. A small child can cut (or rip) papers and glue or paste them down. Established painters and other artists can expand their compositional framework by experimenting with collage. Materials for collage are also very accessible. Kurt Schwitters and several others created collages from what most people would throw in the trash bin or find on the sidewalk. Junk mail, catalogs, newspapers, magazines, and the bits and pieces of everyday life, like receipts, ticket stubs, tourist brochures, maps, and worn out books, all make for great collage fodder. For these reasons, I founded the Collage-Lab.com website in 2020 – a source of ideas and inspiration, tips and techniques.

As you page through this collection, think about acquiring some original art. Think about learning a new technique or trying some new materials. Think about getting to know a local artist and getting a behind-the-scenes look at how she creates work. Think about something other than a generic wall hanging from a national chain store over your sofa. Think about the possibilities. And enjoy!


  • Full color images throughout
  • 28 pages
  • 8.25″ x 8.25″ square perfectbound paperback
  • Sexy matte cover
  • All original collage artwork by collage artists selected in an open call

Selected artists:

Natalie Bradford

Joan Carter

Juanita Choo

Desiree deLust

Milicent Fambrough

Lela Goldstein

Kay Wolverton Ito

Karen Kuskin

Cheryl MacDonald

Kristen Makita

Beth McCoy

Karen Menehan

Tracy Meyer

Anna N’Goran

Cynthia Nazari

Natalie Pace

Viviana Ravelli

Darlene Sardinsky

Abby Schott

Theresa Sharpe

Jonathan Shipley

Claire Standish

Cherie Savoie Tintary

Bridie Wolejko

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